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The Urban Fuse will engage you with a High Energy Happy Hour Experience that will keep you informed and entertained as we explore topics within urban music, fashion, relationships, and other issues with originally produced segments like So You Think You Have Talent!, Drink of the Week, TJ’s Tough Love Tips, and occasional drop-ins from everyone’s favorite family member, Uncle Smitty. Urban Fuse keeps the laughs coming and the good times rollin’ every Friday from 3 to 5!



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38 – Practice What You Preach

Children watch the way we handle our emotions, and how we interact with other people and solve problems. And what they see is usually a more persuasive lesson than anything we say. Pastor Q of Chosen Disciples Christian Ministries breaks down…

37 – Deja Vu

This week UF discusses the outrage over the shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, which has sparked a national conversation about police violence, racial justice, and the militarization of our law enforcement.

36 – Crazy Love

A little crazy is good- who doesn’t love an adventurous, outgoing, and on the occasion wild girl? But too much over-the-top crazy means bad news. Gentlemen, with this kind of crazy, your life will be on the highway to disaster. So where do you draw the…