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The Urban Fuse will engage you with a High Energy Happy Hour Experience that will keep you informed and entertained as we explore topics within urban music, fashion, relationships, and other issues with originally produced segments like So You Think You Have Talent!, Drink of the Week, TJ’s Tough Love Tips, and occasional drop-ins from everyone’s favorite family member, Uncle Smitty. Urban Fuse keeps the laughs coming and the good times rollin’ every Friday from 3 to 5!



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45 – The Okey –Doke

This week the UF discusses how fears of Ebola are growing in the United States, where a second nurse in Dallas, Texas has contracted the disease. President Obama reassured the American public that the dangers of a serious outbreak are low. Should …

44 – Single Mothers Vs. Single Fathers

Single mothers have a hard enough life, but single fathers in many cases get the even thinner end of the stick. Are the majority of support programs tailored to single mothers?  Does being a single man with a small child raise more flags than…

43 – The Blame Game

Do you think that people spend too much time blaming their childhood for things?  This week UF discusses how we live in a society that values self-sufficiency and independence, so the prevailing attitude is that we should just get over t…