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The Urban Fuse will engage you with a High Energy Happy Hour Experience that will keep you informed and entertained as we explore topics within urban music, fashion, relationships, and other issues with originally produced segments like So You Think You Have Talent!, Drink of the Week, TJ’s Tough Love Tips, and occasional drop-ins from everyone’s favorite family member, Uncle Smitty. Urban Fuse keeps the laughs coming and the good times rollin’ every Friday from 3 to 5!



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Show #34

33 – Truth Hurts

This week UF discusses the difference between being Ignorant versus Stupid, we’re not referring to people with low IQs or diagnosable mental handicaps. We’re talking about the everyday, lack-of-common sense dumbness that has become more com…

32 – Man Up

This week UF discusses why do people Envy others? Do those who envy others do it because they are bad people?? Or is there some other reason behind these feelings of envy? We’ll also chime in on why some men love playing mind games on women. Are …