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Whether reading the comment section of the latest buzz piece, watching what’s passed off as “News,” or just walking down the street, we often find ourselves thinking… “WTF?! This can’t be real!” The Collard exists to capture these very moments and the overall absurdity of the modern condition. From the latest shade to controversial legislation, our podcast has it all. The Collard’s approach is to serve up provocative content in an easily digestible fashion. We are dedicated to making those uncomfortable, yet necessary discussions about race, pop culture and politics possible via keen commentary with a bit of comedic relief. The Collard doesn’t only report and entertain; we encourage civic engagement through social awareness. When the laughter subsides, our listeners won’t know what hit them as they will find themselves writing to their congressmen, initiating water cooler discussions, or even marching in the streets!



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Show #20

This week we recapped the Grammy’s, and the biggest upset since Donald Trump got elected…Beyonce being robbed of album of the year! In the spirit of Valentine’s Day we continued on to reflect on the many reasons why we love black people. We ended mus…

Show #19

This week, Taylor and Sade catch up on all the happenings since the new year – first up, our President is orange! From The Donald we pivoted to Golden Globes and the subtle disrespect of “Hiddenfences.” We agreed Denzel is the G.O.A.T. but we are sick …

18 – The Technicolor Episode:

Black faces. Orange Faces. Pink Eyes. Rainbows.

17 – God Bless This Mess

And we’re back! The whole Collard crew joined in a lively discussion about the reality that is slowly sinking in, Donald Trump is the f’ing President –not of the national golf association or the mail-order bride buyers club, but of these United States! Almost as unsettling, we assessed the VP Mike Pence -evil incarnate. Of course we couldn’t fail to mention the other national catastrophe, Kanye West. Conclusion… #godblessthismess but at least we’ve “got beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes, lamb rams, hogs & maws!”