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“The Cellar” is an innovative forum inciting provocative discussions about wine and the luxurious lifestyles that accompany wine consumers. The show provides a wealth of information about wine making, news, composition, etiquette, tastings and wine events that keeps the listeners tuned in and coming back for more.
Richard Glover, Celebrity Wine Sommelier, host of “The Cellar” engages listeners throughout the show. Wine lovers are invited to call in with their feedback and ask specific questions about wine. Often the show has special guests that are wine makers, vineyard owners, or virtuosos in relevant fields.



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26 – “Wine and A Little Sex: A Romantic and Exclusive Approach to Your Sexual Health.”

Some say wine is an enhancer of the sexual experience, causing all inhibitions (and clothes) to be tossed into the wind, while others claim it to be a deal breaker, as snoring begins even before the bottle is finished, or because it aggravates pre-exis…

25 – The Rising Levels of Alcohol in Wine, Should we be Concern or Not?

As I’ve said before, wine gets you drunk. It’s because wine is an alcoholic drink. This sounds like a rather facile statement, but it’s something we can forget in our high-end, anoraky discussions about first growths, super seconds an…

24 – The Secret Life of a Sommelier

There is a group of epicures which has existed almost unbeknownst to the people they serve every day. They are everywhere: you see them in restaurants, you read about them in the newspaper but unless you know their secret heraldry, you will rarely real…

23 – Wine & Beauty

The most common form of wine competition is intended to obtain valid comparisons of wines by trained experts. The awards are given to groups of wines in various categories on the basis of the blind tasting. The awards are frequently bronze, silver, gol…