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“The Cellar” is an innovative forum inciting provocative discussions about wine and the luxurious lifestyles that accompany wine consumers. The show provides a wealth of information about wine making, news, composition, etiquette, tastings and wine events that keeps the listeners tuned in and coming back for more.
Richard Glover, Celebrity Wine Sommelier, host of “The Cellar” engages listeners throughout the show. Wine lovers are invited to call in with their feedback and ask specific questions about wine. Often the show has special guests that are wine makers, vineyard owners, or virtuosos in relevant fields.



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31 – Wine Gadgets Part II

Wine is something, can’t be missed from most parties.  We explored and found more Wine Gadgets that go well with any party you host.  We want to share them with you.  With our returning Special Cohost Angel Jackson and Rogiers, Our …

30 – Wine Gadgets

Riddle – I come with or without wings, and you insert me and pull it out until it pops. What am I?Don’t know?  Pure yourself a glass of wine and join us on Today’s show to find out the answer to this riddle, and learn about other handy gadgets to …

29 – Conventional Wisdom

Next time you have curry, give the lager a miss.  There’s a wine to match just about any dish an Indian could put in front of You! Grab a glass of wine and tune into The Cellar with our Special Cohost Nancy Alert Chief Editor of Herlife Magazine. …

28 – Counterfeit Wine

For those of us buying the $20 to $40 bottle of wine this is not a concern. But for collectors and investors who might easily drop $10,000 on a single bottle, wine fraud is simultaneously infuriating and embarrassing.  How can you protect yourself…