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70 – Moving Target: The Criminalization of Blackness

Blackness has been on trial for the last 500 years and while we were temporarily blinded with the election of President Obama by the fog of a post-racial America–the skies of injustice are clear as a day and so is the writing on the wall–blackness do…

69 – Can Women Have it All Part II

This week two powerful women of color have jumped into the “can women have it all” conversation with op-eds in the National Journal. In this episode we discuss what they had to say about the missed opportunity to acknowledge race in this debate. We als…

68 – Border Patrol: America’s Humanitarian Crisis

During this fiscal year alone 57,000 children have migrated to the US seeking asylum creating a humanitarian crisis of epic proportion a situation can no longer be ignored.  So, in this episode we ask is asylum and citizenship the answer for these…

67 – The Religious Freedom to Discriminate

With SCOTUS siding with Hobby Lobby, a corporation can now enjoy the same religious freedom as person–meaning now they have the right to discriminate based on their values. In this episode we ask has freedom of religion as a trump card for discrimnina…