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58 – School Discipline and the Criminalization of Black Girls

Black girls are being pushed out of our nation’s schools at an alarming rate and being criminalized for the way they look and at act.  While we are proud of President Obama’s launch of the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative, we want to know who our li…

57 – Money, Power, Respect: Why Pay Equity Matters

We’ve all heard the sound bite that when “women succeed entire communities succeed”, yet  Republicans continue to rebuff the importance of pay equity claiming that the gap isn’t as big as is being reported. In this episode …

56 – We the People: Why Do the Courts Matter?

We hear a lot about activist judges and the fate of our equality resting in the hands of just 9 people, but what role if any do the people have in ensuring that justice really is for all and not just a select and privledged few? Guest Ian Millhiser, Ju…

55 – Coded Racism and the Reality Behind Dog Whistle Politics

 Phrases like inner city, food stamps, birth certificate, illegal etc.  We all know what these terms mean, but the question remains will the rise of the New American Majority, namely everyone who isn’t white, male, straight and old; change th…