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67 – The Religious Freedom to Discriminate

With SCOTUS siding with Hobby Lobby, a corporation can now enjoy the same religious freedom as person–meaning now they have the right to discriminate based on their values. In this episode we ask has freedom of religion as a trump card for discrimnina…

66 – Bridging the Digital Divide: The Politics of Silicon Valley

While Silicon Valley is often praised for its innovative thinking, campus style work conditions and beer ponging brilliance what’s missing from the conversation is why such a “forward thinking” culture is so oblivious to the demographic&…

65 – The Politics of Black Hair

With civil wars, climate change, increased disease and famine striking our planet from every which way, there is a lot to create a change.orgpetition about– but Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter Blue Ivy? Yeah, she’s not on our list.  In this epi…

64 – America’s Gun Problem: A Tale of Two Races

When mass shootings occur no one wants to “play politics” with the issue and instead want to point to mental health instead of gun policy as the culprit.  So, tonight we’re going to delve into the mind of the mass killer to uncover the obvious pro…