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81 – Spy Games: How Life Imitates Art

Sleep deprivation, water boarding and forced feedings. These are just a few of the “enhanced interrogation techniques” aka torture methods that were highlighted in the CIA’s report released this week. What’s most troublesome about this report, is how e…

80 – Feminism and Folklore: Writing Our Own Stories

How do fairytales shape how we view our own personal power as women? In every tale a woman is in dire need of being rescued–she is rarely the one doing the rescuing. While there is nothing wrong with attending fabulous ball, wearing gorgeous ensembles and they like we wonder if there is a place for feminism and fairytale in the 21st century and if re-writing the fairytale and scripting our own stories will become our new normal. With guests, Founder of LiL SoSo Productions & Cultural Architect, Risikat Okedeyi and Artist, Writer and Creator of the project Feminine Folklore, Goldie Dean.

79 – The Mirror Effect and the Problem with Breaking the Internet

Hyper-sexuality, nudity, inflated egos and the like have all become par for the course on the path to celebrity. However, with the myriad of “look at me, look at me” celeb PR stunts from exhibitionism to more troublesome behavior we wonder how celeb b…

78 – From Satire to Satin Welcome to the Next Black Renaissance

What would happen if instead of running from our identities, our race and ethnicity we embraced it and created a space where we were not only seen but could forge constructive conversations about our differences? Thankfully there is another movement u…