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86 – The Politics of Racialized Slut-Shaming

Slut, whore, sexy, empowered. Women seem to hurl these titles at one another on the regular, but what’s the distinction? What makes a stripper a whore but a Kardashian sexy? They are both showing their bodies for money. From stripper cardio classes to…

85 – Iconic Black Love Countdown

Whether flawed, functional or fabulous there is something about seeing black love–fictional or real that makes our hearts flutter. There is so much more to black relationships than the Huxtables, so we’re counting down some of our favorite iconic blac…

84 – Color Wars Part II: #LightGirls

Director Bill Duke released his latest documentary entitled Light Girls. The doc was his follow up to his initial film, Dark Girls, which aired on the OWN network back in 2013. His goal it seems with these documentries are to delve into the issue of co…

83 – Cheers and Jeers: Can Hollywood Make the Diversity Shift?

From rape culture to transgender equality and racial justice, we thought Hollywood was winning lately–that is until the Oscar nominations came out. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, our country is rapidly changing and becoming browner by th…