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96 – Witnessing Black Girl Magic

This week will go down as the week that black girls crossed the line. The week that our magic was shining bright for all the world to see and we were unapologetic about it–Sure, this week was one for the history books, but we are wondering if as Viol…

95 – Reality TV Politics and the Party of Trolls

Name-calling, bullying, and cliques… no we’re not talking about the film Mean Girls, we’re discussing the GOP presidential candidates and their treatment of each other and our democracy. Since Donald Trump announced that he was running for president he has turned his campaign into a cross between the Bachelor and RHOEverywhere. So, the question we ask this episode is has the GOP turned into a party of trolls and has Reality TV politics become our new normal? With guests, MSNBC National Correspondent and author of Frature: Barack Obama, The Clintons and the Racial Divide, Joy-Ann Reid and Democratic Strategist and Pollster Stefan Hankin.

94 – 2015 Summer of Cray or Ok?

With politicians competing for the bottom and pop culture making less art and creating more antics we wonder what the summer of 2015 will be called by historians. Will it be called the summer of our discontent, the summer of trauma, the summer of dram…

93 – American Justice: One Step Forward and Twelve Steps Back?

While we cried tears of joy at the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage–our hearts broke for the victims of white supremacy at the Charleston, SC AME church. With each inch of progress we make in this country we seem to take about 12 feet back….