Politics and Pop Culture served up with a twist— A twist of wit, a splash of style, and opinions straight up. From Hollywood to Poliwood (the new Washington), Danielle and Aisha Moodie-Mills, the resident Polinistas of the lifestyle blog threeLOL.com, are giving you the scoop on inside the beltway chatter and Sunset Blvd antics that are pushing our society to the brink—the brink of what, is what they’ll discuss on Politini. So, grab a cocktail and join the conversation.



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77 – The Politics of Beauty and Not Being ‘Enough’

In a world where we shame women for gaining weight during pregnancy and teens head to YouTube to vaildate their beauty by posting videos, is it possible for us to ever believe we are actually enough–just the way we are? Or has beauty shaming become ou…

76 – Ebola and the Hysteria Contagion

While media outlets have the power to assuage or fan the flames of fear, in the case of Ebola, they have decided to do the latter. In this episode we wonder if Ebola hysteria has become our new normal or is there a way to put this g…

75 – A Recipe for Disaster: Thug Kitchen and Cultural Appropriation

Mutha-F’in cranberries, what about a little broccoli for that ass? These are just a few of the gems that the blog turned cookbook Thug Kitchen drops in their foray into a culinary “gangsta vernacular”–and people everywhere have been eating u…

74 – Fall TV: Scandal, Murder and Fierce Leading Ladies

From Black-ish to How to Get Away with Murder to Gotham and more, our television shows are finally starting to mirror the shifting demographics of our society.  In this episode we wonder if the revelation, that people of color can actually exist i…