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The OT Show is a Pop-culture focused show about everything! Join hosts Grayson Orphe and Eric Tomlinson as they tackle all current events from Sports, Politics and Pop Culture. They bring a witty and knowledgeable view of the world from a real-world aspect.



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7 – Wives Club

This episode we have special guest Kisha Orphe & Courtney Tomlinson in the studio to spend Valentines Day with us. We discuss marriage, dating & whatever coming to mind.

6 – 20th Anniversary of The Foamposite

This episode we discuss the Super Bowl results and all things sneakers with shoe collectors Cliff Harris and Ricardo Eley.

5 – Super Bowl, Randy Savage, The Dream

We have special guest Jay Penn & Rhys Greenlee stop by to discuss the Super Bowl, Instagram Models , Trump’s first week, Music, and much more.

Show #4

On this hilarious episode of the OT Show, we welcome Artist Kwan Taylor to the show and discuss DMV culture, the new Presidency and it’s effects on music.