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My Mind on Sports is an hour of objective sports talk for both the hardcore and casual fan. We aim to educate listeners as well as inform them, we discuss the latest headlines in both national and local sports. We wish to be known as a reliable media outlet for fans and an interactive outlet for all.



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70 – Pittsburgh or Baltimore?

Octavia and Wilson were joined by Rashad and Jamaal for the football portion of this show. Rashad (one of Wilson’s friends from High School) and Jamaal( MMOS writer) shared their thoughts on the AFC North, don’t miss their answer on how long it will ta…

69 – Camps are Open

Octavia and Wilson were back on air this week to dive into the first part of an NFL Training Camp Preview. The duo started with the AFC & NFC East Divisions, there were issues to be discussed before they got into the crux of the show. From the Kevi…

68 – New Landscape in the NBA

Octavia and Wilson were happy that LeBron James had made a decision and the NBA Free Agency period had finally gotten started. With the help of Rob Riley (called in), the trip shared their thoughts on the latest moves in Free Agency. Amongst the teams …

67 – Waiting Game

Octavia and Wilson were joined by DeVonte Brooks at the start of the show, he came on to update Hoya nation about the incoming crop of freshman and their first experience in the Kenner League. After touching on the halfway point in baseball, the duo di…