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My Mind on Sports is an hour of objective sports talk for both the hardcore and casual fan. We aim to educate listeners as well as inform them, we discuss the latest headlines in both national and local sports. We wish to be known as a reliable media outlet for fans and an interactive outlet for all.



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157 – Discussing Kap’s Words

Jovan Alford from Total Sports Live and Michael Sykes II from the My Mind on Sports team called in to share their thoughts on the discussion for the evening. As the title indicates, it was about the stand Colin Kaepernick took recently during the prese…

156 – Dress Rehearsal

Octavia, Maiya, and Wilson were joined by fellow MMOS team member Jamaul. He called in to talk about the Washington Redskins. Specifically the position battles that could be decided in this week’s preseason game. Week 3 is the game that matters most in…

155 – Olympic Struggles

Octavia, Maiya, and Wilson were joined by Eddie McDonald who called in to share his thoughts on the NFL’s latest investigation. Wilson then brought up the topic of the day, how well was the US Mens Basketball team constructed for this Olympic run? Take…

154 – Catching up with Quinn Cook

This is the first time that the former Duke National Champion has been in studio with the crew. Octavia and Wilson were joined by 2015-2016 D-League Rookie of the Year Quinn Cook and P.I.T.S League commissioner Robert Pettis. Quinn talked about his fir…