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My Mind on Sports is an hour of objective sports talk for both the hardcore and casual fan. We aim to educate listeners as well as inform them, we discuss the latest headlines in both national and local sports. We wish to be known as a reliable media outlet for fans and an interactive outlet for all.



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142 – Capes

The regular trio was in studio to discuss the NBA playoffs Midway through the show they were joined by Robert Baldwin on studio and Samar Gaines via call in. From that point on, everything went left. Listen in to find out how this episode got it’s title!?

141 – Bean’s last game, Chase for 73

Octavia and Wilson wasted no time jumping right into the topics of the day. With both Golden State and Kobe playing his last game on Wednesday, listen in to find out which game the hosts said they’d watch of the two and why. They were later joined by …

140 – The “shot” after the shot

The trip were back together and they addressed the result of the Men’s championship Monday night. Listen in of you’re a Wizards fan, Wilson shares his thoughts on how to move forward. Don’t miss it!!

139 – Final Fours and such

Octavia and Wilson talked about the Final Four in both the Men’s and Women’s Brackets. That led into a discussion about the UConn womens team and their “ruining of the sport.” Listen in to see what was said and how the duo thinks RGIII will do in Clev…