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My Mind on Sports is an hour of objective sports talk for both the hardcore and casual fan. We aim to educate listeners as well as inform them, we discuss the latest headlines in both national and local sports. We wish to be known as a reliable media outlet for fans and an interactive outlet for all.



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73 – Crazy Start to the NFL Season

Octavia and Wilson touched on a few different topics before jumping into the NFL segment. They talked about how great it was that both the Nationals and Orioles were at the top of their respective divisions and how close they were to clinching playoff …

72 – Addressing the Ray Rice Debacle

The My Mind on Sports team decided to address the Ray Rice situation for the last time this season. Earlier this year, Octavia and Wilson scoffed at the idea of a 2 game suspension for Ray Rice. After the video went viral, the duo were joined by Jamaal…

71 – Opening Night

Octavia and Wilson were delighted to be back in studio after a brief hiatus, the topic of this show was simple: Opening Week in the NFL. The pair shared their thoughts on several headlines in the league before breaking down every matchup in Week 1, sta…

70 – Pittsburgh or Baltimore?

Octavia and Wilson were joined by Rashad and Jamaal for the football portion of this show. Rashad (one of Wilson’s friends from High School) and Jamaal( MMOS writer) shared their thoughts on the AFC North, don’t miss their answer on how long it will ta…