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On this episode of MSR we’ll discuss the the viral video that took the world by storm and inspired the hashtag “Hurtbae”. We’ll break it down and figure out why this video has everyone talking. Also we sit down with author Cherise Mattheson to discuss …

Would You Rather?

On this episode of MSR the crew plays “Would you rather?” Valentines edition! Trust you do not want to miss this. Also we discuss the new Lupe project and much more. Tune in!

Protest and Boycotts

On this episode of MSR we discuss whether or not protest and boycotts are useful in the Trump era. Also we discuss media personalities being fired for political views and black history month and more. Tune in!

Why We March

On this episode of MSR we recapped the Women’s march and discussed the controversy surrounding it. Why did Black Women feel left out? Also we shared our thoughts on the new edition bio flick and discussed which artist we feel should be next to be featu…