LIT Radio is all things “Adult”; Sex, Music, Entertainment, Behind the scenes, current events, corporate America & politics, with a comfortable “late night, kicking it with your inner circle, cocktails and giggles” twist!



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Show #174

The super talented London Savoy hits the hot seat this week on Lit Radio and she is nothing short of amazing! Exclusive music from this talented vocalist, entertainment/political news and lots of laughs.

Show #173

“Back in stride again with more upsetting Trump news and political madness! This week’s hot topic got a little personal but the questions needed to be asked. We discussed comfort levels in dating or relationships and the fear of bodily functions around…

Show #172

It’s our first show of 2017 and we have so much catching up to do. We’re keeping a close eye on the hopeful self destruction of Donald Trump as our new President elect and keeping you informed in the meantime. Special guest Rue Pratt joins us this week…