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Lady Partz is a free-from show discussing everything from current events, pop culture, women’s issues, sex, relationships and more. Eden and Erica represent the “inbetweenials” who were raised on old school values but thrive on new school amenities and new age thinking. With 16 years of friendship between the two, NOTHING is off limits when these best friends are given the spotlight. Let them take you on a fantastic voyage where you’ll laugh, cry, argue and rejoice with their opinions on the world and their personal stories on life. Guaranteed you’ll feel just like Jake Gyllenhaal in Brokeback Mountain and wish you knew how to quit the two; but they’re just so good, you won’t be able to stop!



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Episode 12- Love Them Maggots From Popeye’s

Political cartoons gone wrong. Disney remakes. Allowing your child to recite the pledge of allegiance. We’re talking pop culture, sexuality and much more! Btw……you like your red beans and rice with a side of screwworms????

Episode 11 – Podcasting With A Stoner ft. Laelo

Nothing’s changed….government decisions have us scratching our heads so Eden and Erica drink the pain away. Special guest Laelo drops to share his latest project and his new venture: Weed & Fitness! They also dive into the importance of Groupon dates and the wonder world of weed, women and weddings. This episode goes up in smoke.

Episode 10 – Who’s Going To The Lauryn Hill Concert?

Erica and Eden are back like a heart attack and better than before. Last week was rough but this episode they’re packing serious punches. Boycotting, missing tour dates and transgender talk….OH MY!

Episode 9 – Old People Don’t Get A Pass

It’s absolutely about nothing. Growing up brainwashed, trusting your instincts and fuck Carolyn Bryant. Plus, we’ll never let people get into our heads about how we do our show. You don’t get it? Hit that exit button trick. Be back to our true selves n…