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DivergentThought is a show that offers varying perspectives on an array of issues. The society in which we currently live is rapidly devolving and our xenophobic nature often times causes many people to overgeneralize. With limited, if any direct experiences, some people engage in hyperbolic rhetoric that is not representative of the actual situation. All Latino people aren’t the same. All Black people aren’t the same. All white people aren’t the same. All athletes, entertainers, and musicians aren’t the same. DivergentThought, co-hosted by three diverse black men, attempts to offer thoughtful and maybe controversial insights into situations that impact our world. Just like you, we have our opinions. We might not be right, but we are prepared.



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28 – History of the Buffalo Soldiers

Conversation with Troopers Prentice, Pitts, and Montgomery from the Buffalo Soldiers Chaplain (Captain) H.V. Plummer Chapter in PG County, MD about the extensive contributions of Buffalo Soldiers in American history. This chapter is involved in commun…

Episode 27 – Appreciating the Performing Arts

A conversation with special guest Louis Delair Jr about the appreciation and patronage for the performing arts. Discussion focused on introducing children to the performing arts at a young age, what different venues in the DC area are doing to attract…

26 – Future of Hip Hop

Is hip hop dead or resurrecting? Will thought provoking lyrics and conscious rappers emerge? Listen as we debate which artists will carry hip hop into the future. Special Guest: native DC artist Blake Holmes debuting his new EP available 7 February …

25 – America’s Education System – Are We Failing Our Kids?

Engaging dialogue with two local educators–Crystal Saikhamporn and Jerylen Daniels–about the contributing factors that hinder growth and learning in a scholastic setting: too much standardization, lack of resources, parents are not invested, students…