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91 – “Till…Session’s End”

On February 9, 2017 the 84th U.S. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions was sworn in as the Top Law Enforcement official in America. Yet, this AG has a history and has made public statements of denying, obstructing, and supporting legislation that suppresses…

90 – “The True Alternative Facts”

In eighteen days, the Trump Administration has clearly demonstrated that they are all way over their heads in attempting to run this government. They have disrespected federal judges, banned Americans and legal residents with a ban that isn’t a ban, a…

89 – “13th”

For more than 18months, racially charged rhetoric, hatred, masogeny, homophobia, you name it and it was front and center at every campaign event for Donald Trump. That same rhetoric has continued into the Oval office and the cabinet selection of Donald…

88 – “The Stupidity of Crime”

Todays technology has provided a glimpse into the actions and minds of criminals in the millennial age. The rise of social media to document everything you do, doesn’t stop with junior and senior high school kids. It captures, adults, celebrities, athl…