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98 – Election 2015: Where Have All the Progressive Voters Gone?

Whenever the pendulum swings in politics it knocks the most vulnerable among us square on their behinds. It seems that every time we make advances towards equality we take at least 12 steps backwards during an off cycle or midterm election. WHY? Why i…

97 – The Never-Ending Conflict: A Primer on Israel and Palestine

It’s too complicated, the complexities are just too many. These are often just a few of the comments people make when discussing the Israeli/ Palestinian conflict. Are these statements to some extent true–sure, but there are also basic things that us…

96 – Witnessing Black Girl Magic

This week will go down as the week that black girls crossed the line. The week that our magic was shining bright for all the world to see and we were unapologetic about it–Sure, this week was one for the history books, but we are wondering if as Viol…

95 – Reality TV Politics and the Party of Trolls

Name-calling, bullying, and cliques… no we’re not talking about the film Mean Girls, we’re discussing the GOP presidential candidates and their treatment of each other and our democracy. Since Donald Trump announced that he was running for president he has turned his campaign into a cross between the Bachelor and RHOEverywhere. So, the question we ask this episode is has the GOP turned into a party of trolls and has Reality TV politics become our new normal? With guests, MSNBC National Correspondent and author of Frature: Barack Obama, The Clintons and the Racial Divide, Joy-Ann Reid and Democratic Strategist and Pollster Stefan Hankin.